Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #1

There's a new caption contest in town. Cartoon Collections is Bob Mankoff's new cartoon rights leasing venture. The contest is going to be biweekly and three entries are permitted. There is a cash prize of $100. The first caption contest cartoon is by Benjamin Schwartz. As usual, my entries are shown below.
"As for my tax returns, there's nothing to see there either."
"Define what you mean by 'norms.'"
"Frankly, I wasn't expecting such a chilly reception."

But who says three captions is enough?
"I'm sorry you all had to see these socks."

November 20, 2018 Update:  The Winner

Note:  In an email to contestants, Bob Mankoff reports that this first contest received 2,152 entries.

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