Thursday, November 8, 2018

My Copy of Liza Donnelly's Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

On Friday evening in Brooklyn at a bookshop called Books Are Magic, I was pleased to attend an event held in to mark the publication of Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are by C. J. Frick with drawings by Liza Donnelly. Don't worry if you haven't heard of the author; C. J. Frick is actually a composite of the names of the book's editors. Ms. Donnelly talked about the book and about dogs with fellow New Yorker cartoonist Carolita Johnson, who brought her own dog along for good measure. (Dogs were officially welcome at this event, but no others showed.) Afterwards, Ms. Donnelly signed copies of the book. You know, I just might have to go to Brooklyn more often.

C. J. Frick and Liza Donnelly
Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are
New York:  Flatiron Books, 2018

Here are two other copies dedicated by Ms. Donnelly at the event:

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