Saturday, November 3, 2018

Frank Beaven: A Voter Decides

Before television, people kept up with the news through the press, radio, and newsreels shown in movie theaters. In the latter way, at the very least, getting the news was more of a communal experience. Welcome to Election Day of 1940 as depicted in a Collier's cartoon by Frank Beaven. The voter registry, it will be noted, is a ledger signed with a dip pen sitting in an inkwell.  All of the voters shown here are white. Four of the five are men, and their various social standings can be read in their clothes or even in their hats alone. When her memory slips, the lone woman, the voter in the booth, is shown relying on her husband to be the knowledgeable authority figure.

"Which one was it that was so witty in the newsreels?"
Frank Beaven
Collier's, November 9, 1940, page 28

Scan by Dick Buchanan

Note:  I am ever grateful to Dick Buchanan for providing Attempted Bloggery with the election-themed scan here straight out of the awe-inspiring Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip Files. Dick also contributes regularly to Mike Lynch Cartoons, most recently a post entitled "From the Dick Buchanan Files: Gag Cartoon Clichés Part 6 1945 - 1956." Not to worry: you'll find links to Parts 1 through 5 there as well.

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