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Two Sallies by Barbara Shermund

Two original midcentury color cartoons by Barbara Shermund bear markings indicating Sunday release dates. This may identify them as original art created for Shermund's Sallies, a Sunday panel strip published in the pictorial sections of newspapers, or for the cover of Pictorial Review, the Sunday section which featured Shermund's Sallies. The colors are rich and lush and unlike anything that could have been captured on cheap newsprint. Let's see what her ladies are up to:

Two color originals by Barbara Shermund

The later 1951 cartoon shows a secretary commandeering her boss's desk, turning the tables on him, so to speak.
"Gosh, Mr. Sheldon, give me a little time to rest up from my vacation."
Barbara Shermund
Original Shermund's Sallies[?] cartoon art for Pictorial Review[?], September 16, 1951

Barbara Shermund's signature


A notation over the caption indicates that the earlier 1947 cartoon may have been reversed in the printing process. Why should that be? The cartoon already reads well this way; from left to right we see the man and woman admiring the stars before we spy the pair of women surreptitiously commenting on them.
"She's clever! In a minute she'll have him switched to sapphires!"
Barbara Shermund
Original Pictorial Review[?] cover cartoon art, August 24, 1947

Notations indicate the P.R. (Pictorial Review) Release dates 

Detail of markings on the verso of the 1951 cartoon

Barbara Shermund
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Note:  Please comment if you can confirm that these cartoons were published when and where I believe they were. I would like to add images of the published cartoons to this post.

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