Saturday, September 1, 2018

Seth: The G. N. B. Double C Signed in 2011 with Sketch

The G. N. B. Double C—no period after the final C, heaven forbid—is a 2011 graphic novel by Canadian comics wunderkind Seth, a.k.a. Gregory Gallant. The abbreviation stands for the Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists, naturally. A fine copy with an original sketch of the character Jock-o was sold on eBay in March.

The G. N. B. Double C:  The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists
Montreal:  Drawn and Quarterly, 2011

Signed and inscribed "for Chris/Seth/2011"
with a portrait sketch of Jock-o

eBay Listing Retrieved May 9, 2018

eBay Item Description

Three uniquely personalized books by Seth, not that you could tell from these photos

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