Sunday, September 30, 2018

E. B. White Needs No Introduction

When you're a famous writer, everyone wants you to write a little something for them. When everyone wants you to write a little something for them, you need to be able to politely decline at least some of their offers. An uncollected 1967 letter from famous writer E. B. White politely declines such an offer with some eloquence, but also with an abiding sadness. 
E. B. White
TLS, November 2, 1967
A page from the New Yorker

E. B. White
eBay Listing Ended July 12,2015

E. B. White
eBay Item Description

E. B. White
eBay Bid History
Six bids from three bidders, each of whom was active in the final minute of the auction.

Note:  I would like to hear from anyone who can identify this letter's recipient Mr. Lowe or the book he asked E. B. White to introduce. The historical record presented in this eBay listing is far from complete.

Also incomplete, evidently, are the collected letters of E. B. White. Readers who would like to help me remedy this situation, at least in part, are invited to share correspondence from the great stylist. Scans and photographs of his letters, especially of uncollected letters such as this one, are welcome here. My blog is at your disposal.

I don't have as much here as I'd like, but feel free to check out the archives for a few choice blog posts about E. B. White and even about Charlotte's Web illustrator Garth Williams.

TLS stands for typed letter, signed. If you're British, it also stands for the Times Literary Supplement. I am not British.

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