Friday, September 28, 2018

Howard Baer: Helping to Understand

Is the stereotype of the would-be philandering husband who complains that his wife doesn't understand him still a valid one? A 1951 Esquire cartoon by Howard Baer relies on the reader being familiar with the old cliché. It remains amusing, but will it continue to resonate with a younger generation that expects husbands to be more faithful and men and women to be peers in the workplace?

"I'm your husband's secretary. I think I can help you to understand him[.]"
Howard Baer
Esquire, February 1951, page 33

The above scan is from an eBay sale of a single magazine page. I am happy to report that about six days ago Esquire posted its entire print archive online. This allowed me to find the issue and page number for the cartoon, information eBay sellers often withhold. I managed to grab a couple of images of this page, but to view the archive with a proper reader there is a $45 annual subscription cost. A discount is available for print subscribers, which apparently means the archive is not included with the print subscription, as the New Yorker's is.

My gut impression is that the online archive is truer to the original color than the eBay scan.

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