Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mortal Remains

Mortal Remains by Ricardo Bloch and Don Celender is a 1996 survey of four hundred creative people that asks them about their long-term plans for burial . . . and beyond. My initial reaction was to avoid this morbid but extremely personal topic.

But then I wondered.... What sort of monument would architect Frank Gehry wish for himself? What would poet Allen Ginsberg, author of the moving "Kaddish," want written on his tombstone? What about fiction writer T. C. Boyle? And finally, regarding the subject whose inclusion alerted me to this book in the first place, what are the eternal resting plans of cartoonist Roz Chast, and are they presented in the form of her matchless graveyard cartoons?

Mortal Remains
Signed by Ricardo Bloch and Don Celender

Ricardo Bloch and Don Celender
eBay Listing Retrieved September 16, 2018

Ricardo Bloch and Don CelendereBay Item Description

An example of a tombstone cartoon from last year by Roz Chast:
Roz Chast
The New Yorker, January 9, 2017, page 55

Note:  Well, who has a copy of this book?

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