Sunday, September 2, 2018

Seth: Clyde Fans Book One Signed in 2011 with Sketch

When the complete version of Seth's Clyde Fans is at long last published in the spring of 2019, Book One (2004) will likely become obsolete, never to have a matching Book Two to sit next to it on the shelf. Book One itself eliminated any need for the smaller Part One (2000) and Part Two (2003), both of which it included. These books are still important and likely to remain of interest to comics collectors and to those who want to study how this epic story developed. Others may be keenly interested in those copies personalized by Seth, particularly any containing an original sketch of one of his characters.

Clyde Fans:  Book One
Montreal:  Drawn and Quarterly, 2004

Signed and inscribed "for Chris/Seth/2011"
with a portrait sketch of Abe Matchcard

eBay Listing Retrieved May 9, 2018

eBay Item Description

Three copies signed at the Boston Book Festival in 2011, now all sold

Note:  Do you know what this blog needs? That's right, it needs more art by Seth. Please send along scans or photos of original works or published rarities and help me make the internet safe for picture novellas chronicling the heartbreaking decline of small, outmoded businesses.

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