Friday, August 31, 2018

Seth: Wimbledon Green Signed in 2011 with Sketch

Seth's 2005 book Wimbledon Green is subtitled The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World. One doesn't have to be be a world-class comic book collector to appreciate the book, but certainly a little obsessive collecting habit of any sort couldn't hurt. One of the finest personalized copies of this book was sold earlier this year on eBay.

Wimbledon Green:  The Greatest Comic Book Collector in the World
Montreal:  Drawn and Quarterly, 2005

Signed and inscribed "for Chris/Seth/2011"
with a figure-length drawing of Wimbledon Green

eBay Listing Retrieved May 9, 2018

eBay Item Description

Three related eBay listings show Seth's book covers rather than the unique sketches. That can't be a good practice.

Note:  Is it possible for this blog to have too many original drawings by Seth? Send me scans or photographs of what you have and we'll find out.

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