Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Gilbert Bundy and E. Simms Campbell Back to Back in Esquire, April 1937

Esquire's April 1937 issue offers a cheeky color cartoon by Gilbert Bundy. Does Mr. Hartman have any idea what he's being offered? It would appear so.

"Why don't you come over here, Mr. Hartman—then I won't have to bother about getting dressed[?]"
Gilbert Bundy
Esquire, April 1937, page 70

That cartoon was immediately preceded by a color cartoon from E. Simms Campbell on the opposite side of the page. Campbell is very skilled at alluding to what his characters directly can observe but which we, the readers, can only imagine. On that score, this cartoon of a father tallying his daughter's assets might just be one of his best: 
"M–m–m—so it isn't daughter's money he's after at all[.]"
E. Simms Campbell
Esquire, April 1937, page 69

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