Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Scar Strangled Banger Signed by Ralph Steadman

Scar Strangled Banger is Ralph Steadman's 1987 satirical collection on the subject of the United States. A signed copy from the year of publication is currently offered on AbeBooks for $200. It's a hefty price but the book includes a quick sketch of what I take to be a cow's skull.

Ralph Steadman, Scar Strangled Banger
London:  Harrap Ltd., 1987

Signed by Ralph Steadman with a drawing of a cow's skull
3 Nov. '87

Ralph Steadman's signature

Ralph Steadman

Ralph Steadman
Left Bank of the Rio Grande

Ralph Steadman
AbeBooks Listing Retrieved June 5, 2018

Note:  Signed books and original art by Ralph Steadman could well be on every blog in America, but for some reason they aren't. Help me keep them on this one. Send in your scans and photos please.

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