Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Joe Zeis: Working Late at the Office

Every business executive's nightmare is the subject of a work of original cartoon art for the Saturday Evening Post by Joe Zeis. The artwork, offered recently on eBay, unfortunately is marred somewhat by foxing to the paper. The caption has been corrected grammatically for subject-verb agreement.

The cartooning convention of having a figure stand with heels together and toes pointing in the opposite direction is an odd one. Both hips would have to be externally rotated in the extreme to create such an unstable base of support.

Joe Zeis
"I'm working late, dear—there've been a few changes around here."
Original art
The Saturday Evening Post

Joe Zeis's signature

Detail with pencil traces


Publisher's and artist's stamps

Joe Zeis
eBay Listing Ended November 4, 2017

Joe Zeis
eBay Item Description

Note:  Does anyone know the date of publication?

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