Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Exploiting My Browsing History

After the conclusion of yesterday's Illustration Art auction at Swann Galleries, I received an email demonstrating how Invaluable has been tracking lots in which I've shown an interest, including an original classic New Yorker cartoon of club ladies by the great Helen E. Hokinson. Invaluable is using my browsing history to present me with new and tantalizing "similar items" which I will no doubt be unable to resist bidding on, including works by an anonymous Hungarian artist of the mid-19th century, by an anonymous 17th century artist of the Venetian-Emilian School, and by an anonymous 19th century artist of the French School. These images seem related only in the general sense that they contain groupings of figures and, in the case of the paintings, not especially compelling ones. My wallet is safe, for now.


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