Sunday, June 3, 2018

Ronald Searle: Night at the Museum

Ronald Searle's museum night watchmen have been witness to some strange goings on. First, a quick peek behind the scenes:
Ronald Searle
Museum Attendant
Paris Match, October 15, 1998

Ronald Searle
Paris Match [1999]

The fallen horse recalls Searle's 1977 masterwork Al Fresco:
Ronald Searle
Al Fresco,
Uli Meyer Collection

Ronald Searle
Cat Lecturing
Paris Match[?]

The Fitzwilliam Museum Shop refrigerator magnet

Ronald Searle
Wilhelm-Busch-Museum Collection

Note: The title Museum Attendant for the first drawing appears on the website of the Fitzwilliam Museum Shop where it is published as a notecard and a refrigerator magnet. The date it appeared in Paris Match is provided by ECC Cartoonbooks Club.

Further information on the publication history of this series of museum guard drawings and on other possibly-related works is welcome. If there's more work out there by Searle for Paris Match, I'd love to know about it.

Got any more? Scans or photographs of published and unpublished original art by Ronald Searle are always needed on Attempted Bloggery.

For more on this artist, see Perpetua, the Ronald Searle Tribute blog by the indefatiguable Matt Jones.

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