Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Latest Fashion: Helen E. Hokinson New Yorker Cover Art

Helen E. Hokinson makes a plus-size fashion statement with her original New Yorker art of May 18, 1940. She has had to move her signature away from the lower margin so it would not be cropped out of the printed cover image. The colors have faded slightly over three-quarters of a century, but the incisive wit remains fresh as ever. The chauffeur and the dog react to Madame's new purchase with a mutual deadpan stare, but one senses Hokinson herself is sympathetic to her fashionable matron.

Helen E. Hokinson
Original art

The New Yorker,
 May 18, 1940

Helen E. Hokinson
The New Yorker, May 18, 1940

Helen E. Hokinson
Eldred's Listing, November 19, 2015
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