Friday, June 22, 2018

Sunset Lookout: Arthur Getz "Killed" New Yorker Cover Art

Arthur Getz sold New Yorker editor William Shawn a stunning cover painting of a highway scenic overlook at sunset. The cars, seen from behind, are empty; the people have all gotten out to take in the spectacular view. The art was intended for use in January of 1962, but alas, it never saw publication. The tailfins on the cars make for a wonderful period detail, but they surely rendered the illustration obsolete within a few short years. Nevertheless Shawn, who was known to purchase more art than he could publish, kept the cover on hand for possible use throughout his tenure as editor. He was succeeded by Robert Gottlieb in 1987 and it was Gottlieb who officially "killed" the art and returned it to the artist.

Arthur Getz
Sunset Lookout
Killed New Yorker cover art, c. 1961-1962

Arthur Getz
Swann Galleries, Sale 2403, Illustration Art, Lot 236, January 28, 2016
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Note:  “The Art of Arthur Getz: City & Country” is currently on view at the Hotchkiss Library in Sharon, CT, but only through June 30.

There's more time left to see “Covering New York: New Yorker Magazine Covers by Arthur Getz” now showing at the Moviehouse Studio Gallery located in the Moviehouse, Millerton, NY, through August 28.



  1. Gottlieb's taste in covers and cartoons could be questionable. Thank God for Tina Brown.

    1. For what it's worth, Tina Brown did not purchase any covers by Arthur Getz.