Saturday, November 14, 2015

Twenty by Ed Arno

A group of twenty published cartoons by Ed Arno were sold on eBay in 2013 for a mere $75. It is unclear where and when they saw publication.

Ed Arno, Twenty cartoons including overlays with printer's annotations

Ed Arno, Missing caption (L) —"Something as inconspicuous as possible—they've automated my job and forgotten to fire me." (R)

Ed Arno, "My teaching machine hates me!" (L) —"The recipe calls for a dash. How many metric dashes is that?" (R)

Ed Arno, "Oh, just the usual, Ed—erosion of moral fibre, technological glut, the decline of passion, the dehumanization of the self. What have you been thinking about today?" (L) — "No, dammit, Hawkins. I will not agree to disagree." (R)
The drawing on the left missing its caption also appeared in yesterday's blog post.
Ed Arno, Missing caption (L) — "Wow! I lost 108 pounds." (R)

Ed Arno, "I've found a substance which doesn't cause cancer in laboratory animals!! I've found a substance...!!" (L) — "Sorry about that. When I read your bumper sticker, I'm afraid I just lost my temper." (R)

Ed Arno, Would welcome Korean subsidy (L) — Teen-Talk Self Taught (R)

Ed Arno, Two prison gag cartoons:  Think (L) — Untitled (R)

Ed Arno, Karate Training (L) — Untitled caveman gag cartoon (R)

Ed Arno, Two tombstone gag cartoons:  Harold J. Jones (L) — Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (R)

Ed Arno, "It's a survey—do you still love me?" (L) — Drawing of a cameraman (R)

eBay Listing Ended April 6, 2013

eBay Item Description
eBay Bid History
One bid within three hours of the auction close

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