Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Edward Koren: Book Carrier

Reader David from Manhattan shares an original drawing by Edward Koren. A Koren creature carries some books under his arm. David writes:
It came from a Minneapolis book dealer this summer. Kay Sexton was a vice president for B. Dalton and just died late last year in the Twin Cities area. Her obituary is still on-line. The book is "Well, There's Your Problem."
Edward Koren, drawing inscribed "For Kay Sexton with best wishes/Ed Koren/Oct 1980"
in "Well, There's Your Problem" (1980)
Scan courtesy of David from Manhattan

Note:  Check out the blog archives for more work by Edward Koren and more books containing original drawings. Much of this is available nowhere else.

As noted, here is book recipient Kay Sexton's obituary from TwinCities.com.

Thanks to David from Manhattan for all the fine material he provides to this blog.


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