Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ed Arno's Screened-In Porch

Often eBay sellers bring a unique understanding of art market terms to their listings. Here what looks for all the world like a finished ink drawing by Ed Arno is signed twice, somehow raising the question of whether it is actually a print. A man finds refuge reading a newspaper on a screened-in porch while two women inside the house share what must be a pithy comment that is lost to us. The drawing—or print if you trust the seller's description—demonstrates an easy command of depth and perspective. The contradictory item description then goes on to describe this as a two-page drawing with a pink overlay, the description possibly belonging to a different eBay listing altogether.

eBay Listing, circa June 2013

eBay Item Description

eBay Listing Ended October 12, 2013

Note:  Pull up a seat on the porch and enjoy this blog's growing number of posts about Ed Arno.


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