Friday, November 13, 2015

Twelve by Ed Arno

Back in 2013 a group of twelve ink drawings by cartoonist Ed Arno were sold on eBay for an undisclosed sum, likely about $10 each. Many of them have printer's marks indicating publication. A few captions are missing, and a few are unreadable in these photos. Some of the drawings appear to be annotated with dates and the time period would seem to be the Cold War. These could very well date from the 1960's.

Ed Arno, "Don't blame me. It must have been that damned $49 miniture[sic] electronic calculator." -- "Understand the Russians are way ahead of us in TV--they have far fewer sets."

Ed Arno, The day Wall Street stopped asking its own questions and started asking Broadway's questions (L) -- [Persuading the dog] (R)

Ed Arno, "Good news! Everybody in the block has agreed to run their snowblowers and lawnmowers at stated periods so we can enjoy interludes of silence!" (L) -- "Not the big apple?" (R)

Ed Arno, Cupid
For comparison, a variant of Cupid appeared in the November 3 post:

eBay Listing Ended December 16, 2013

eBay Listing Ended December 16, 2013

Note:  There's a lot more here in the archives about Ed Arno including other examples of original cartoon art.


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