Monday, November 16, 2015

Maira Kalman's Beloved Dog

On October 27th, illustrator Maira Kalman appeared at Barnes & Noble on the Upper West Side. She spoke of her mother, of her dog Pete who inspired the new book Beloved Dog, and of how she came to acquire Toscanini's pants. Afterwards there was a book signing in which she included a small drawing of a dog.

Maira Kalman at Barnes & Noble

Maira Kalman
Two signed books:

Promotional material from Ms. Kalman's website:
Maira Kalman, Beloved Dog

Signed bookplate

Beloved Dog by Myra Kalman

Note:  Promotional images of the book are taken from Maira Kalman's website.

There's more here on this blog about the art of Maira Kalman.

Arf! There's also more here about dogs.

Finally, this blog boasts an extensive virtual collection of signed books with original drawings. Perhaps you'd care to add one to the archive?


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