Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Delia Ephron and Edward Koren: Do I Have to Say Hello?

Hello. Author Delia Ephron and illustrator Edward Koren showed up recently at the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca to promote their new book Do I Have To Say Hello? Young people in the audience were treated to a  discussion of manners and a drawing demonstration on the subject of Thanksgiving dinner.

Delia Ephron and Edward Koren

Edward Koren and Delia Ephron

What shall we have for Thanksgiving dinner? Let's start with a turkey.

Let's add broccoli.

Carrots and potatoes have been added.

Cranberries! A gravy boat with a diving board was added for the cranberries.

Now let's bake a pie. We start with butter and eggs. We have to break the eggs.

Of course! We need a pumpkin. 

The kids decided the pie should have a mouse... 

Delia Ephron asks what else should be in the drawing.

It's a dog, wouldn't you know? 

Next Ed Koren draws a high chair.
Edward Koren Draws a High Chair

The finished product: 
 The parents have to look up at the high chair

Finally, some of the kids provided some scribbles for Mr. Koren to complete.
Image added November 28, 2015

Delia Ephron on Book Talk Radio

Note:  Yes, you have to say hello.

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