Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Main Street Electrical Parade 2014

The Main Street Electrical Parade is a nighttime extravaganza in the Magic Kingdom that remains hands down my favorite Disney parade. The lively music, "Baroque Hoedown," provides a synthesized backdrop against which a succession of classic Disney tunes are played, and it is one of the show's strongest features. For many years the SpectroMagic parade made a passable showing in Walt Disney World, but its disappointing music consisted of many predictable orchestral swells in a major key and could never generate the same kind of excitement. Now the Electrical Parade is back with some alterations, of course, and I find myself remembering how this parade thrilled me as a teenager.

I don't pretend to be able to capture the wonder or the spectacle of the parade with a few random photos or video clips all taken toward the tail end. The thing really has to be experienced firsthand. I can provide only a taste.

Cinderella float

Cinderella float

Cinderella float

Cinderella float

Cinderella float

Midnight for Cinderella


Save the clock tower!

Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Cinderella and Peter Pan Floats
The Main Street Electrical Parade

The Pete's Dragon float is a reminder that this parade had its origin in the 1970's.
Pete's Dragon Float

The last float

Note:  How did I spend my summer vacation? It's all here in my Disney World posts.


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