Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad Sex! by Danny Shanahan

What could be better than a copy of Danny Shanahan's Bad Sex!? How about a personalized copy with an original drawing of a cat?

Danny Shanahan, Bad Sex! (2007)

Danny Shanahan, original cat drawing and inscription in a copy of Bad Sex! (2007)
"For Bernie--/All the Best (Sex)--/With Love,/Your Bro/Danny"
Photo courtesy of David from Manhattan

Note: If you'd like to read more about cartoonist Danny Shanahan, just click on the aqua link. If you'd like to read more about bad sex, sorry! It's simply not a topic I'm qualified to discuss.

Other signed books with original drawings are featured throughout the blog. Do you have one to share too? Well then, I'm your guy.


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