Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ronald Searle: The Blind Brushmaker

In 1959, Ronald Searle and his wife Kaye Webb were invited by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to document the plight of those living in postwar European refugee camps. Searle's drawing of Steffan Kiss-Szabo, the blind brushmaker of the Astern Refugee Camp in Austria, gains poignancy from the vacant stare of the subject. Unlike us, he is not able to visualize the squalor of the setting in which he lives and works.

Ronald Searle, Steffan Kiss-Szabo, The Blind Brushmaker
Astern Refugee Camp, Austria, November 5, 1959
Ronald Searle, Steffan Kiss-Szabo, The Blind Brushmaker, matted
Astern Refugee Camp, Austria, November 5, 1959

12 Blythe Road
July 8, 2014, Lot 111

Note:  To see more of Searle's refugee reportage, see Perpetua, the Ronald Searle tribute blog.

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