Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Disney's Hollywood Studios 2014

I'm proud to present my photos from last month's visits to Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. Let's see how the 25-year-old park is faring.

Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in topiary outside the main gate
Image added September 14, 2014

The hit animated movie "Frozen" (2013) is being promoted heavily in the park.
I always think Once Upon a Time is going to be a watch store. It isn't.

Could we have a little overacting, please?

Can you guess which company has the gasoline concessions on Disney World property?

Mouse About Town sign
Hot pretzels resemble a certain mouse.

Checker cab.  "If you believe in magic, you belong."

Anaheim?  Now where have I heard that name?
The Hollywood Tower Hotel before that unfortunate incident with the elevator

The Tower of Terror

"Frozen" Fun and the Tower of Terror. For the most part, not the same crowd.

Hollywood Tower Hotel desk bells. No home should be without one.

At Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, everyone must pass the upside-down car before reaching the ride. It advertises the most thrilling feature of this coaster and allows riders to self-select. You either say "Cool" or "No way!"

Fake trolley track remnants. Details, details.

Black and white plush Mickeys

Plush Olafs

The backlot tour:
Acme eye balls from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988)

Mickey Mouse in topiary on the back lot

Prop plane with the Earful Tower

Mel Brooks's American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award

The sorcerer's hat

My favorite hangout in the park


M. Hatter, Milliner to the Queen, giclee on canvas by Mike Peraza, limited edition no. 13/95, $375

"Dreams Come True" hand-painted cel, framed, $215. This recalls the train ride to California on which Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse.

Main Street Trolley, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $150
Do you like 2D photos of these sculptures?
Mickey & Minnie Pie Eye medium figurine by Richard Sznerch, $150

Or do you prefer the illusion of 3D? Google calls this new product Auto Awesome. It's great for folks like me who can't seem to take their finger off the shutter.
Mickey & Minnie Pie Eye figurine by Richard Sznerch

We can call this an homage to Norman Rockwell's famous triple self-portrait because it sounds better than calling it a rip-off.

Main Street Electrical Parade, Olszewski miniature, $145

Main Street Electrical Parade, America float

Oswald has already appeared on the blog, but I see no reason not to show him again.

Mickey Mouse as Indiana Jones, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $125. Do we really need this?

Steamboat Willie, Mickey's first animated short

Mickey & Minnie Wedding, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $150.00. This guy is good.

Mickey Mouse with Flag, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $125

Walt Disney World Castle, medium figurine by Larry Nikolai, $225

Sorcerer Mickey, $225.  A steal, right?

Mickey Mouse figurine

Minnie's Steampunk Horse, medium figurine by Mike Sullivan, $95

Mickey's Steampunk Car by Alex Maher

Daisy's Steampunk Plane, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $95

The Mechanical Kingdom "Jungle Cruise" by Mike Sullivan

Goofy's Steampunk Train, medium figurine by Costa Alavezos, $95

Classic Mickey, lightboard drawing

Jiminy Cricket, lightboard drawing

Donald Duck, lightboard drawing by Janet St. Pierre

Commanding the Cosmos, giclee on canvas by Manny Hernandez, $795

Disney Traditions by Jim Shore

We now leave the Animation Gallery for the fiery conclusion to "Lights, Motors, Action!" The red car is the hero car.
"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

"Lights, Motors, Action!"

Phineas and Ferb

Muppet-Vision 3D. Does it look 3D to you?

Pizza Planet
Winsor McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur

S. S. Down the Hatch

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