Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Entries in the Moment Cartoon Caption Contest for March/April 2014

This cartoon grew on me. Bob Mankoff's cartoon for the March/April Moment Cartoon Caption Contest didn't immediately suggest a caption; indeed it seemed rather generic. Then every conflicted idea I ever had about choosing a career and the tradeoffs one has to make came pouring out in fifteen heartfelt captions. Fifteen! For once, none seemed to stand out, although I think I saved the best one for last. Possibly none are all that funny, because instead they all seem to have some truth in them, at least for me. Note too that I could not settle on a name for the college graduate.

"Do you have any sage advice for an eager, wide-eyed philosophy major?"
"Our graduate would be grateful for any tips--other than, of course, 'Plastics.'"
"Gail plans to just keep partying and see how that goes."

"Now Edie figures she'll sit back and let the dollars roll in."
"Amy is hoping to find a job just like yours, only more stimulating."
"Sarah feels it's time to cash in on her diploma."
"Our Connie is thinking of a career in poetry."
"Sid, do you know which hedge funds are hiring?"
"Emily's willing to do a job like yours for next to nothing."
"Beth is eager to break through the glass ceiling."
"Guess what?  Deirdre is going to write about soy."
"Sandy is looking for something lucrative in blogging."
"Allison isn't much interested in work per se."
"Jackie is seeking a career path to early retirement."
"Leah has decided to join the 1%."

I've had a good run with the Moment caption contest, being selected as a finalist four times running. That streak has ended here despite--or because of--my unconscionable fifteen entries. The disheartening news is tempered by the fact that I somehow have the winning caption in the January/February contest, my sole caption victory in over a year of trying to learn how to play this game. I'm just going to be impossible to live with now.

Moment Cartoon Caption Contest March/April 2014 Finalists

July 30, 2014 Update:  Winning Caption

Moment Cartoon Caption Contest March/April 2014 Winning Caption

Note:  Would you like to see how previous Moment Cartoon Caption Contests turned out? Of course you would.

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