Friday, May 23, 2014

Constantin Alajálov's "Male & Female" for Reader's Digest

A series of illustrations and sketches by Constantin Alajálov for Reader's Digest was offered in 2008 by iGavel Auctions. Individual pieces of artwork bears titles such as "Hidden Beliefs of Women" and "The Fun of Being a Woman." One might be called "Male & Female," or this could be the title of the whole series. This lot did not find a buyer at $1050 which included the buyer's premium.

Note:  I sure hope you haven't missed any of my blog posts on the art of Constantin Alajálov.

Perhaps you'd like to know the story of how I won my very first cartoon caption contest for Moment magazine after a year of attempts. Well, first I whined that Bob Mankoff didn't choose my best caption. Then I complained that my caption was longer and much more ungainly than the two others I was competing with. Then I moaned that any of Moment's readers old enough to get my reference wouldn't be able to manage the online voting. And that's how you win a caption contest!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. It's a perfect time to read my blog posts about the First World War. Blog posts about World War II may be enjoyed as well.

I even have one post about the Vietnam War. Sorry, nothing yet about the Korean War.


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