Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Blogging Milestone: 400,000 Page Views

Today this blog has reached 400,000 pageviews. Or is it page views? Blogger's spell-check function objects to pageviews as a single word:

Yet Blogger's very own charts refer to them as pageviews. Apparently the graphics department doesn't have spell-check:

Attempted Bloggery All-Time Page Views by Country, May 24, 2014

What's this?  On yesterday's blog ranking of all-time page views by country, it's apparent that Ukraine recently has muscled in to the top ten, mirroring, I suspect, the blog's surprising popularity in Russia. From seemingly out of nowhere, Ukraine is now tied with China! Say what you will about Vladimir Putin, he's been good to this blog. My suspicion, totally self-serving, is that those developed nations that don't read my blog are subject to internet censorship. Those areas of Ukraine illegally co-opted by Russia may have incidentally gained a novel degree of internet freedom which China for the most part lacks. Now which nation, Ukraine or China, will pull ahead? Here are the early returns:
Attempted Bloggery All-Time Page Views by Country, May 25, 2014


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