Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Constantin Alajálov: Cocktail Waitress

Constantin Alajálov's Cocktail Waitress seems quite prepared to liven things up, and things are pretty lively to begin with. Skinner, the auction house which sold this colorful piece in 2006, conjectures that "This may have been published in the New Yorker," perhaps thinking of the theatre section. It's very unlikely that any such color Alajálov illustration would have been created for the interior of the New Yorker, which was generally devoid of color editorial content in this artist's time. Rather, it looks more like a revue program or menu cover.

Constantin Alajálov, Cocktail Waitress

Constantin Alajálov, Cocktail Waitress framed

Constantin Alajálov, Cocktail Waitress detail

Constantin Alajálov's signature 


That's $1,410 with the buyer's premium.

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