Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Constantin Alajálov: Years of Preparation

Illustrator Constantin Alajálov created the Saturday Evening Post's unusual fold-out cover of October 1, 1960. It consists of ten panels, nine of which form the part of the cover visible on the newsstand and the tenth of which is the full-page fold-out. In the first nine panels, we follow a young girl chronologically through piano, ballet, and tennis lessons; college and comportment training; the study of art as well as higher mathematics; and finally graduation and marriage. All of this leads to the final page showing the adult woman now overwhelmed with the burdens of homemaking and childrearing. The momentarily-neglected child is actually shown in an extremely dangerous and therefore unfunny situation, but it is the perplexed mother who is clearly meant to be the focus of the last panel. She is no doubt asking herself what it was all for. That's actually a pretty devastating question to be pondering on what is intended as a humorous magazine cover.

Constantin Alajálov, The Saturday Evening Post, October 1, 1960

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