Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #77

Three entries are permitted in the Cartoon Collections Caption Contest #77. Mine are shown below. The drawing is by Bob Eckstein.
"Have I got a part for you!"
"Elvis is taken. Why don't you go by your father's name?"
"The doctor may have built you but I made you."

These captions weren't properly put together:

"The Times called your performance electrifying."
"I made you and I can unmake you."
"I booked you a villa. There are no castles.""
What sort of part are you looking for?"
"Don't they have summer wear in Transylvania?"
"I think you can use some time to recharge."
"Don't go getting a swelled head now."

July 10, 2020 Update:  The Winner

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