Tuesday, January 22, 2019

John Ruge: A New Miss Universe Contestant?

Cartoonist John Ruge's vintage original art for Saturday Review depicts a potential Miss Universe contestant for whom the pageant's organizers evidently were not prepared. Even today in our own enlightened times, are we ready for this?

This is a good example of the isolated use of color. A great many lines in the composition point to the potential contestant—head shots, eyeglasses, cigar, forearm with sheet of paper—but she is placed at the extreme upper right so that we see her last.
"It's a she, Ralph,—and she demands an entry-blank for the 'Miss Universe' contest!"
John Ruge
Original art
Saturday Review

A Quite Pointless Detail Photo
Does the eBay seller believe the penciled word over is of critical importance?


John Ruge
eBay Listing Retrieved January 12, 2019

John Ruge
eBay Item Description

Note:  Yes, this cartoon is from Saturday Review, but when exactly was it published? 

A comma immediately before an em-dash? That's bad form.


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