Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ted Key: The Whoopee Party

It is the morning of New Year's Day eighty years ago as seen in the pages of Collier's. Cartoonist Ted Key's young master has returned home from a night on the town. His gentleman's gentleman, it would seem, has also been busy celebrating.
"On behalf of the staff and myself, sir—whoopee!"
Ted Key
Collier's, January 7, 1939, page 44

Scan by Dick Buchanan

Note:  A New Year's toast to Dick Buchanan for providing this scan of a long-forgotten Ted Key cartoon. What Ted Key is best remembered for, of course, is the panel strip Hazel. Today marks Dick's forty-first contribution to Attempted Bloggery, not that I'm keeping track or anything. Dick maintains the celebrated Dick Buchanan Cartoon Clip Files. He also contributes regularly to Mike Lynch Cartoons, most recently a post entitled "From the Dick Buchanan Files: More Vintage Gag Cartoons 1947 - 1962." Go have a look. Share them with your valet.


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