Friday, January 18, 2019

John Norment: Grinning and Bearing It

Contributor Jerome Wrinkle has scanned the original art by cartoonist John Norment (1911-1988) that appeared in an issue of the New York Times Book Review nearly seven decades ago. The cartoon purports to explain the unusual demographics of a bestselling book. The artist was paid $50 for his work on February 17, 1951. Jerome writes:
The Book Review was an exclusive sale—if I remember correctly, they only published one cartoon in each issue, on the second page. Lots of competition for that spot.
"In spite of the fact that very few people are buying it, it's still a best seller."
John Norment
Original art
The New York Times Book Review, c. February 1951

Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

Stamp indicates that artist John Norment was paid $50 on Saturday, February 17, 1951
Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

Note:  My thanks to Jerome Wrinkle for kindly contributing the scans in today's post. More is on the way.

I am intrigued to learn that the widely-read Times Book Review published a weekly cartoon for years. Does anyone today possess an archive of these? Please get in touch. I am particularly keen to see the issue in which this cartoon appeared.

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