Sunday, January 20, 2019

John Norment: William Tell

Jerome Wrinkle has contributed scans of another drawing by cartoonist John Norment (1911-1988). He dates this one to the late 1960s or 1970s, perhaps at the time Norment was working for Norcross greeting cards. Jerome believes it was not published, as there are no printer's markings. He speculates that it might even have been a New Yorker submission.

John Norment
Original cartoon art

Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

Summarizing the Norment cartoons from the two previous posts and this one, Jerome reports on the cartoonist's sequence of addresses:
The first cartoon has his address as East 22nd Street but he had moved to the Village by 1953 to West 10th Street. By the time he did the Archer cartoon he was in comfortable Westport, CT—the state that became haven for so many cartoonists.
Verso with John Norment's Westport address stamp
Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

Note:  Many thanks to Jerome Wrinkle for contributing the scans included in the last three posts and for providing a running commentary.

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