Saturday, January 19, 2019

John Norment: The Compleat Angler

Contributor Jerome Wrinkle has gone all out to provide us with his favorite gag cartoon on the subject of fishing. The drawing is by John Norment (1911-1988) and it was published in the New York Times Book Review, hence its literary angle. Jerome notes that the verso contains an accounting stamp from the Editorial Auditing Department which documents that Norment was paid $50 for his efforts on Saturday, January 3, 1953, " I suspect it appeared prior to that."

John Norment
Original art
New York Times Book Review, c. January 1953

Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

Artist John Norment was paid $50 on Saturday, January 3, 1953
Scan by Jerome Wrinkle

  I thank Jerome Wrinkle for providing the above images. This is Jerome's fifth contribution to the blog, his deepest yet, and there's more on the way tomorrow.

To the best of my knowledge, examples of original cartoon art that appeared weekly in the New York Times Book Review back in the 1950s are quite rare today. I'd like to hear from anyone who possesses such art. I'd also like to hear from anyone with a copy of the Book Review in which this cartoon appeared.

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