Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Constantin Alajálov for Naturalizer Shoes

In 1947 and 1948, illustrator Constantin Alajálov lent his talents to an advertising campaign for Naturalizer shoes. They were called "The shoe with the beautiful fit" and the illustrations have a beautiful fit as well.

Constantin Alajálov, Easter on Fifth Avenue, Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1947.

Constantin Alajálov, Graduation, Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1947.

Constantin Alajálov, The Horse Show, Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1947.

Constantin Alajálov, Fall Fit Parade, Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1947.

Constantin Alajálov, Spring Fit Parade, Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1948.
Constantin Alajálov, [Easter], Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1948.

Constantin Alajálov, [Golf], Advertisement, Naturalizer, 1948.

Note:  Put on your best shoes and go check out the artwork of Constantin Alajálov on this very blog.

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