Monday, June 23, 2014

Three Years of Blogging

If you want to learn a little something about yourself, go and write a blog. I, for one, have been surprised to learn that I am quite comfortable writing about cultural phenomena that occurred well before I was born, more so perhaps than I am in writing about more baffling contemporary trends. It seems a number of posts relating to the 1940's, for example, have come up in recent months and they've been a pleasure to compose, allowing me to dwell in the ephemera of a bygone era I never knew.

Today is this blog's third anniversary. While Attempted Bloggery has covered a lot of ground these three years, until now it hasn't adopted a proper theme song. Imagine that! I think it's high time to correct this oversight.

Living in the past is what I do so much of around here, so it seems only natural that "Living in the Past" should be the blog's official theme song. To be sure, the Jethro Tull tune is about a society that's seen better days rather than about a blogger with an inexplicable cultural affinity for old times, but I'm not going to quibble with Ian Anderson's lyrics if you won't. I also won't raise any objections to the unusual 5/4 time signature.

Jethro Tull, "Living in the Past" (1969)

Note:  Say, let's go living in the past right now with my second anniversary post.

OK, if you're serious about this, you may even wish to check out my very first anniversary post.

Heck, why not fire up the DeLorean and see the very first Attempted Bloggery post that started it all three years ago?

You may also want to read my previous posts with Jethro Tull music or, at the very least, turn up the volume and listen to them.


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