Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Noodling Around with Ed Koren

Reader and contributor David from Manhattan writes of his latest discovery pertaining to Edward Koren, now Vermont's Cartoonist Laureate:
I've never figured out what some bookstores mean by describing a book as merely "Good" but when it includes a completely sound dust jacket and the book itself appears unread, I'm pleasantly surprised. But when I open it, and find an original Koren drawing on the front free endpaper, I'm stunned. I'm keeping the computer printout for the listing at $7.50 as a souvenir. By the way, I wonder if the tiny face in the noodle is supposed to be Koren.

Merry White. Edward Koren, illustrator. Noodles Galore, 1977

Edward Koren, Monster in a pot,
inscribed "For J. M./from E. K./with/love"
in Merry White. Edward Koren, illustrator. Noodles Galore, 1977

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