Saturday, June 7, 2014

Constantin Alajálov: His and Hers Paintings for Prince and Princess Obolensky

Two undated paintings by Russian-born illustrator Constantin Alajálov from the collection of Prince and Princess Obolensky of Grosse Pointe, Michigan were framed as a pair although they do not seem to be exactly matched. Serge Obolensky (1890-1978) was a Russian Prince who in 1958 became Vice Chairman of Hilton Hotels. Alajálov did some commercial work for the hotel group in the late 1940's, and that may or may not be how he came to know the Prince and Princess, for whom he created a few works. These two watercolors were offered separately at auction in 2008 but neither attracted any bids.

Note:  As it happens, there is a lot more artwork by Constantin Alajálov in the blog archives.


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