Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life Magazine Presents "New Yorker" Covers

Here's an article on New Yorker covers published in Life magazine back in 1946. Life reproduced the unadorned cover artwork without the magazine's logo, which must have required considerable cooperation and good will from the New Yorker's editors. Life may have interviewed a number of the artists as well, as they seem to have very specific information about where the images were created. In all, there are seventeen outstanding covers, starting with Rea Irvin's famous depiction of Eustace Tilley, the observant 19th century fop who serves as the magazine's symbol.

Life, July 15, 1946, page 68

Life, July 15, 1946, page 69

Life, July 15, 1946, page 70

Life, July 15, 1946, page 71

Life, July 15, 1946, page 72

Life, July 15, 1946

Note:  You're in luck! This blog's archives contain many examples of original New Yorker cover art.



  1. What to make of Eustace Tilley? Is he a Regency dandy (ca. 1820) or a Victorian dandy (1837-)? Please don't tell me to radiocarbon date his monocle.

  2. He's Regency and hopelessly dated by the time of his debut in 1925.