Sunday, June 1, 2014

Constantin Alajálov for Hilton Hotels

A 1947 print advertisement for Hilton Hotels features the work of an anonymous illustrator. Fairly standard for its day, it depicts the Hilton staff from around the continent as good-looking, friendly, and possessing impeccable posture.

By the following year, illustrator Constantin Alajálov had been recruited for the Hilton Hotels advertising campaign. He brought a more relaxed and cartoony feel to the illustrations, injecting a bit of needed humor to the hotel chain's print ads. The illustrations of the dedicated waiters dashing about particularly add some energy to the staid image of the hotel chain. The staff's posture is still pretty good too.

Artist Unknown, Friendly Service at These Fine Hotels, Advertisement, Hilton Hotels, 1947

Constantin Alajálov, Hilton Hotels Serve Over 50,000 Meals Every Day, Advertisement, Hilton Hotels, 1948

Constantin Alajálov [unsigned], Immediate Reply on Reservations at Any Hilton Hotels, Advertisement, Hilton Hotels, 1948
Time, September 27, 1948

Constantin Alajálov, Instant Information on Accomodations at Hilton Hotels, Advertisement, Hilton Hotels, 1949
Time, March 7, 1949

Note:  I have a number of blog posts featuring the work of Constantin Alajálov. I think you'll agree that the world is therefore a better place.

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