Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walt Kelly's Pogo: Understanding Chinese

As I've mentioned here before, sometime during the remainder of this year I expect China to surpass Brazil in all-time page views for this blog, elevating it to the exalted rank of tenth in the world among nations reading Attempted Bloggery. I am intensely proud that when the Chinese people manage to circumvent government restrictions on internet surfing, one of the places they choose to come is here. I look forward to the great nation of China catching up on Pogo. This original artwork for Pogo shows that Walt Kelly was critical of Chinese political propaganda back in 1962.

Walt Kelly, Original Artwork for Pogo, September 12, 1962

Note:  There's been a lot of irresponsible posting of Walt Kelly's original artwork for Pogo on this blog lately. You can see all the mischief here.

Even more irresponsible is Thomas Haller Buchanan's Whirled of Kelly blog. See it here. He also wrote the recently quiescent Pogo in Pandemonia blog? Check it out here.

Finally, my blog has a surprising amount about China which you can see here.


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