Sunday, September 8, 2013

Walt Kelly's Pogo: Groundhog Day 1964

Here is the original artwork for Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip dating from the day before Groundhog Day 1964. If we weren't told specifically that the character Grundoon is a groundhog, I don't think many of us would guess that.

Walt Kelly, Original Artwork for Pogo, February 1, 1964 

Note:  This blog now has a goodly number of Pogo posts filled with detailed scans of original artwork. See them here. Perhaps you too have scans of original Walt Kelly art that you'd like to share publicly here. If so, I'd be delighted to hear more about them.

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With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, do you wonder how a blog like this one might cover a topic like the World Trade Center? Well, wonder no longer. You can see my old posts here.


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