Saturday, September 7, 2013

Walt Kelly's Pogo: Puce Stamps

So, those Puce Stamps mentioned in Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip back in 1962 actually do exist. Mr. Pig, who does business in the Puce Stamps, is a caricature of Nikita Kruschev.

Walt Kelly, Original Artwork for Pogo, June 26, 1962

Walt Kelly, Puce Stamps, 1962 

Walt Kelly, Detail of Original Artwork for Pogo, June 26, 1962
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Walt Kelly, Pogo Puce Stamp Catalog, 1963
Image added September 27, 2013

Note:  Well, I've certainly been enjoying this close look at Walt Kelly's fine brushed ink originals from the comic strip Pogo. Just in case you missed any of it, it's all preserved for posterity here. There's still more to come.

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