Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Walt Kelly's Pogo: Albert is Speechless

Even when I don't particularly care for the gag, as is the case with this Sunday Pogo original comic strip art from 1955, I love to see Walt Kelly's incredible line work up close. For me, an amateur, one of the most difficult things about drawing is the physical challenge of applying ink to paper. Walt Kelly was a master of the brush pen!

Walt Kelly, Original Sunday Artwork for Pogo, January 9, 1955

Note:  My Pogo posts mostly feature original comic strip art from eBay. You can see some gorgeous Walt Kelly art here.

Thomas Haller Buchanan's Whirled of Kelly blog is always sensational, but for Walt Kelly's centennial he's published an amazing 'zine tribute. See it all here. He also has a Pogo in Pandemonia blog that's been kind of quiet this past year. Still, you may enjoy it here.


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