Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Hypothetical Question

Please don't go starting any rumors. I want to make it clear that the question I pose today is purely hypothetical. I'm asking it now because one day this very situation indeed could come up at short notice and I will need to know pronto how best to act. So here goes....

If ever Thomas Pynchon graciously agrees to be interviewed for this blog, how will I reliably be able to verify his identity? I mean, the very fact of this publicity-averse writer somehow consenting to be interviewed would suggest strongly that it mightn't be the genuine Pynchon at all with whom I'm dealing, but some impish impostor.

Then again, one can never be absolutely certain. There's always the remote possibility that one who refused interviews his entire career could have a change of heart and want his voice finally to be heard in, let's say, an obscure but sincere online venue. So it could be a grave error to accuse him of being an impostor unless of course he actually were one. Do you see my dilemma? This could give a conscientious blogger sleepless nights.


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