Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #395

Here is my entry in The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest #395 for September 16, 2013. The cartoon is by Christpher Weyant but the caption is all mine.

"Did you ever wonder, Bradley, why your job wasn't outsourced?"

I was unable to do the underlining when I submitted my entry. Hmmm.... So it goes. Here are some other unused caption ideas:
"Now your promotion is practically guaranteed."
"It won't serve as a deterrent without real gunpowder."
"You said you wanted to travel."
"By the way, Thompson, you're fired."
"What we save on airfare goes directly into your
health insurance premiums."

September 23, 2013 Update:  The Finalists

October 7, 2013 Update:  Winning Caption

October 8, 2013 Update:  Cartoonist Christopher Weyant reveals the caption he originally conceived for this drawing.
"This is the part of the job I hate."

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This blog features an earlier caption contest with Christopher Weyant here. Also, he signed my copy of The Best of the Rejection Collection here, although today I really have no independent recollection of this. I think I was sleepwalking. I'm sure he doesn't remember me either.

Mr. Weyant's website is here.

Christopher Weyant's New Yorker work can be enjoyed in The Cartoon Bank here.

Don't miss Bob Mankoff's essential blog post "A Cartoonist Responds to Boston" here.

There's more!  Christopher Weyant is mentioned on Ink Spill in these posts.

Did I leave anything out?


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